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Is your boyfriend always secretly following new people on IG? Download Insta Friendships and find out who they've recently followed in 30 seconds 👀

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Insta Friendships

No Secrets in IG Friendships

Curious why your boyfriend's IG following count mysteriously goes up? They might be secretly following some unknown beauties and hunks, leaving you clueless. Download Insta Friendships, find out who they recently followed in 30 seconds!

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Quick and Easy Inquiries, Anytime, Anywhere

No more guessing, just one click away to get answers in 30 seconds. Instant, accurate, and user-friendly.

Incognito Mode for Your Privacy

You can log in with a secondary IG account to fully protect your privacy.


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Is it Safe to Log in to Instagram Using Insta Friendships?

Insta Friendships employs strict account and password management mechanisms to ensure the security of your IG account. We respect and protect your privacy, ensuring that your data is not used for other purposes and is not shared with third parties.
[Pro Tip] If you want a safer way to log into third-party IG applications, you can spend a minute to create a secondary IG account and use its username and password for login.

How is Viewing Recent Follows on Insta Friendships Different from Viewing Them on the Instagram App?

When you view someone's following list on IG, you'll notice that it's not sorted by the time of following. It's sorted based on your interaction with those accounts, so accounts you follow too often appear at the top.

Why Does My IG Follower Count Increase, But I Don't See New Followers?

Changes in IG follower count can happen due to:
  1. Unfollowing some accounts, which reduces the follower count.
  1. Even if you haven't unfollowed anyone, if someone temporarily deactivates their account, your follower count decreases. When they reactivate, the count increases again. This is why you see an increase in followers without new followers.

How to See Who Someone Recently Followed on IG?

To find out who someone has recently followed on IG, you can use the Insta Friendships app. This app is designed for managing social relationships. By logging in with your IG account, you can see others' latest follow activities. The app is paid, but there's a free trial version to initially check for new follows. For more detailed information, you can upgrade to Pro.

Will I Get Caught Sneaking a Look at Someone’s IG Profile ?

When browsing someone's IG profile, they can't know about it. However, if you view their Stories, they will see your name. To secretly watch Stories without being detected, you can use the Insta Friendships app. By logging into your IG account and using its feature to download Stories, you can watch others' Stories secretly without being noticed.

Can Insta Friendships be used for free?

Yes, Insta Friendships can be downloaded and used for free, but advanced features require upgrading to Pro.

How can I upgrade to Pro?

There are two ways to upgrade to Pro: you can choose to pay for the upgrade, or you can invite three friends to join for a free upgrade!

How do I invite friends for a free upgrade?

  1. Select share within the app to invite friends to download.
  1. Ask your friends to download and open the app.
  1. Ask your friends to click the accept invitation button on the shared link page.
Once these steps are completed, the number of friends needed to invite will decrease. Once you invite three friends, you can upgrade for free!

Why can't I use it after upgrading?

  1. Please select restore purchase on the upgrade page.
  1. Close the app and then reopen it.

I have already purchased, do I need to pay again if I click restore purchase?

No, the restore purchase is to retrieve your previous purchase record, so you don't need to pay again.

What should I do if I have other issues?